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Institut Méditerranéen d’Océanologie

MERMEX, international workshop in Zagreb, Croatia,

Du 10 au 12 Juin 2013

Affiche du séminaire {PDF}
The MERMEX workshop will take place in the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Zagreb Croatia. This workshop is co-funded by Eurocean network, Aix Marseille University and LABEX OT-Med (application submitted). This Workshop aims to increase the internationalization of the MERMEX project (now endorsed by SOLAS, IMBER, LOICZ). More specifally, the objectives of this workshop are (1) to organize a coastal marine research and observation network in Mediterranean Sea with Mediterranean and Eurocean scientists ; and (2) to better understand impacts of global change on the Mediterranean Sea functioning.

Contact MIO :
Local contact, Rudjer Boskovic Institute : Irena.Ciglenecki-Jusic

Activity leader(s) : Richard Sempéré (CNRS/MIO/AMU/Pytheas OSU), Xavier Durrieu de Madron (CNRS, CEFREM Perpignan), Cecile Guieu (CNRS, LOV Villefranche) and Ivane Pairaud (IFREMER, La Seyne/Mer), Olivier Radakovitch (CEREGE/AMU/Pytheas OSU)
Link(s) : MERMEX project
Location : Zagreb, Croatia
Start date : 10/06/2013
End date : 12/06/2013

Lieu : MIO