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2nd LAM Summer School

Galaxy Formation and Evolution in a Cosmological Context

To bridge the gap between master courses and the knowledge required to lead an autonomous research project

PhD students and young researchers
Individual modules may also interest more advanced researchers looking for a topical review
Attendance is limited to 35 participants to keep the school lively and interactive.
We can offer some financial support to interested students.

The school is structured around 5 courses of 8 – 12 hours each :

  • The cosmological context (Carlo SCHIMD)
  • Galaxies : observations, physics and evolution (Samuel BOISSIER/Véronique BUAT)
  • Galaxy formation and evolution in deep surveys (Olivier LE FEVRE)
  • Models of galaxy formation in a cosmological context (Andrea CATTANEO)
  • The formation of galaxies in cosmological simulations (Julien DEVRIENDT)

The school programme is as follows.

All lectures will take place in the LAM’s lecture theatre.

Organisers :

  • Andrea CATTANEO (school coordinator)
  • Philippe AMRAM
  • Véronique BUAT
  • Oliver LE FEVRE


Lieu : LAM’s lecture theatre
Adresse :

Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille
38 rue Frédéric Joliot-Curie
13013 Marseille

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