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A CLIMAST Virtual Short Course “Climate Change in a complex society”

Mardi 4 mai et Mercredi 5 mai 2021 - en ligne

Man-made climate change and its global impacts are a challenge for the 21st century. The climate system is physically complex and informing actions about climate change and mitigation/adaptation requires fundamental knowledge of system dynamics. The various stakeholders are in demand of skilled young professionals with up-to-date knowledge on these aspects. The objectives of the CLIMAST project are to create a network of high education institutions involved in climate sciences and impact studies to address this demand. The network will focus its effort to provide high level knowledge training in climate sciences with inclusion of social science in the context of the Mediterranean area. These actions will develop engaged professionals able to take part to climate negotiations and to appropriately face this societal challenge.

a CLIMAST Virtual Short Course “Climate Change in a complex society” 4-5 May 2021

2 days of student teamwork, exchange, discussions with the participation of CLIMAST project leaders, animators, climate experts and actors of climate change from the civil society Main Objectives are :

- provide a global understanding of climate change : causes, effects and processes
- identify the difference of perceptions and understanding according to scientific background, to culture, to experience
- evaluate the challenge to obtain a common result/consensus in a short term
- teamwork on the range of possible actions, identify the conditions of success of an action addressing climate change
- understand the role of the scientist expert today
- measure the importance of communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge
- identify the levers and obstacle for actions at individual and collective levels

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